Friday 25 March 2016

Goodbye written media, hello youtube

Hey guys.
As you noticed, I haven't updated this site for a long time. I've had a lot of things going on, and it took its toll on the time I have on my hands.

Also, I don't enjoy writing and refactoring posts. I do however enjoy film making.

So that said, I've moved my braindumps over to youtube land in the form of DAILY vlogging.

This is my channel. Make sure to subscribe with the button above and comment, to interact. Let me know what you think and what topics you'd like me to touch on. It's a much larger commitment than blogging, but the format that I'm slowly getting to is allowing me to actually do it. The biggest motivator for me is to be able to commit to stuff in front of all of you, so that you would keep me true to myself and on my toes. So please subscribe, and help me on my journey to my dreams. In return, I'll try and do the same by bringing you some colour to your days.

I have a website for the project too:

Here's a playlist of the stuff I have currently:

Now you know. Thank you for reading this blog, and hug thanks for subscribing to the youtube channel. It means a lot!
There's also a giveaway that I'm running. Make sure to enter:

Blog off. Youtube on. See you there.

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