Tuesday 14 May 2013

Why am I mad about losing @lastfm?

On my music blog I have whined about the fact that it feels bloody hard to find quality music. Too many releases happen each day in an expanding variety of genres. To solve this problem, I have been using last.fm for years. I've been scrobbling my listening history to teach their engine about my likes, so that the AI could show me new stuff that I would likely love... and buy. Yes, I am one of those maniacs, who likes to thank the author by purchasing their creations. It was easy through Last.fm.

So my question honestly is: how will this stop piracy? Last.fm encouraged me to purchase songs, making it effortless to do so.

Now I am reaching out to you, dear readers.

I need something 
  • that learns my taste without interfering with my choice of music listening device/software. This means that I can still use winamp/android music player/audacious on my devices to tell the service what my listening habits are.
  • that can recommend music to me that I might like, and it's always spot on
  • that can offer me a 1 click buy to the music provider of my choice
    • even from my mobile device 
      • even for a downloaded song I am listening to but decide to purchase for the greater good
  • that will not lock me in to its own universe
  • that will not spam my friends with my activity
Yes, this description fits Last.fm if you were wondering and haven't used it before. Also, the above requirements rule out spotify unless you could show me how to achieve these goals with it.

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