Thursday 31 May 2012

[Enhance Productivity] - Challenge 1

Lately, I have been trying out several things to make better use of the small amount of time I end up actually coding. As a good test subject, I set up rules, goals and measurements for myself to verify the result. Though the final metric is "do I feel more productive?", it seems to help.
So here is my first challenge, I borrowed from CodeRetreat:

Don't use your mouse for coding for a week!

Seriously. NO MOUSE! The point in this exercise is to get familiar with the keyboard shortcuts of your IDE. Keeping this requires more discipline as you would think right now.

You will be spending serious minutes with figuring out how to reach the functionality you want to use.
You will learn to navigate the menu bar easily.
You will learn the shortest way to reach your keymap settings.

While these are obvious, but there are some interesting things too:
You will discover what things you use your IDE for.
You will discover features around those you use, and start trying them.
You will end up with a keymap maximized to your comfort.

There are lots more to this, but here's what I dare you to do.

  1. Do the challenge
  2. Record your observations
  3. Blog about your experiences, and link it to this post
  4. Share your post in the comment section of this post.

All you VI wizards, just share this with your non VI wizard peers :D

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