Tuesday 4 October 2011

Separation of blogs

So I'll just decouple my personal blog from the professional, and abandon wordpress... Hopefully for ever. No hard feelings, wordpress served well for years, but it's becoming a hassle to maintain it. I was looking for ways to scale it, load-balance it, make it a cloud based application. I was even temped to use a SPOFless, distributed, transparent filesystem just to be able to properly *cloud it*. Nevertheless, it's not worth it. Probably if my blog would have houndreds of active users and publishers, I would have continued the battle. But I just want to write my mind out.

Why here? Why Posterous? Because I've been to a github meetup once, and ended up drinking with Sachin Agarwal and Christopher Burnett. Yeah, I could probably tell that (true) story as my main motivation, but that's not why I chose Posterous. I'm following Henrik Kniberg (by the way, check out his stuff!), and he did a research which came in handy: http://bigfamilytrip.posterous.com/and-the-winner-is


I'm not sure if I will migrate the old stuff from the original site or not. Some are out-dated, some can be added easily. Probably I'll add the latter... Sooner or later :)

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